As a Life Coach, I show you where to look, to uncover your own inner source of peace and joy, and how to have the life you want. I create a safe space within which you can explore, and grapple with new ways of being. I foster your journey by showing you tools and helping you to learn to use them.

Having trouble communicating with your lover or a roommate or co-worker? I can learn about your difficulties as a compassionate, though uninvolved, observer, and, with the insight of a well-honed intuitive, suggest methods and skills for communication and interaction that will restore harmony.

Let's Give It A Try!
One-Hour Consultation For All New Coaching Clients

Call 415-577-9164

banner painting by Kat Page (Teek R Spectrum) 
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CHAIR MASSAGE is a deep, relaxing session, done with clothes on. I have 10, 15, 20 minute sessions available. Donations only. You pay what it's worth to you. Text me at 415-577-9164 to arrange an appointment. Oakland area only.

I have been a proud part of the Queer community for 45 years. With me, you'll find only support, regardless of your sexual orientation or your gender presentation. I support polyamory and monogamy as a choice as well. 

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