Tamara Diaghelev, Phd
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World School of Massage
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Life Coaching
Applied Kinesiology
Non Violent Communication
Emotional Repatterning


The first time my coaching teacher said those words, "You are born for joy; joy is your birthright." I just sat there and cried. The idea had honestly never occurred to me before. I wasn't really sure what "joy" was, but I felt a well of repressed longing rise up in me. I wanted change; I wanted to be happy, that's all I knew.
I had always thought I "knew" that I couldn't ever be happy, that I was too messed up, I had made all the wrong decisions, I was not worthy, I would never have what I want. I quickly found out that I was going to be okay. In fact, in a real sense, I already was.

The year was 2008. and I was in a life-changing class for Life Coaching.
It was a 400-hour course that gave me a solid foundation in some profound tools, such as
breathing techniques, movement and body mechanics, guidelines for healthy eating, plus visualization, meditation, and grounding techniques.
Most importantly, the course engaged us in an ongoing "conversation" and in-depth training in how to clear our minds of  chatter, and allow ourselves to live in the moment with peaceful attention to what's actually in front of us.
We bonded deeply as a group, as we explored the power of mindful choice. We laughed at ourselves as we uncovered some fairly ridiculous beliefs we hadn't known we had that we had mistaken for reality. Giggling and tears happened in equal measure as we grew together more in a year than ever in our lives!

During an additional year of internship, in which I supported and guided new students, I witnessed and facilitated many beautiful and miraculous transformations and breakthroughs and I knew that this is what I'm supposed to do and want to do.

I was already in my fifties, but it is never too late to transform your life. I had already developed and learned to trust my very strong intuition over the years through the study of "psychic development" and the practice of different styles of energy work and body work.
But Life Coaching brought together all of my previous work in a form I could share and help others with in a very immediate and practical way. I have great powers of observation and I bring all that to the table to serve your goals as well. I know how to ask the penetrating questions at just the right time.

I'm so excited to share this knowledge with you. I still sometimes struggle with old demons myself, but I have these practices to fall back on now whenever I need them, as you can.

My friends call me "Tighe". There's a story that goes with that and I'll tell you when you come in for your free consultation.

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